Kenny Peng Liu

My personal notes for navigating the modern world.

Software I use

Software I use

Current Apps and Computer Services under evaluation:

  • Insightly: Experimenting with Customer relationship management software
  • Sidekick: email open tracking software. An add-on for Chrome. Potentially useful for marketing purposes.
  • Hootsuite: social media management
  • Ghost: a light(er) weight blogging engine. (Looking for supported Wordpress alternatives. And I've test driven 6 or so with varying success. This page weighs in <600kB, ~80% of which is due to the image above.)
  • Boomerang: schedule gmail messages for later. It also includes some handy follow up tools

Indispensible Mac Apps (You may not already use)

  • Fantastical: Natural language Calender and scheduling tool with a few key strokes to speed things up. Integrates with iCal..INTEGRATES WITH ICAL
  • Bartender: Tidy up the OS X Menu Bar
  • Byword: Distraction free text editor par excellence (Converted me from years of iA Writer Pro use.)
  • Moom: Manage the windows on OS X with keystrokes instead of going aaaalll the way to your mouse or trackpad. It's probably incrementally saved me weeks of time in computer wrangling
  • 1Password: Password management. I was apprehensive at first, but it is so well built that I'm now a convert! They also offer a chrome extension and a mobile apps.
  • Day One: I'm finding it more and more important to brain dump all the concepts and decisions I work with. There is a hack to run multiple journals. This makes the already elegant and effective app organize even more of my cluttered noggin.

Apps I use a lot that are ok

  • MindManager Mindjet: Mind maps are an incredible tool for connecting disparate ideas or just organizing all the crap rattling around in your head. There are lighter weight (i.e. way cheaper) versions of this sort of program.